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10 things The New Gentleman has in his wardrobe.

You, yes you! The New Gentleman. Lets do some inventory. Go check your wardrobe to see if you have any of these items. If you don’t have any of these items then you have to make it a priority to amazon prime these pieces straight away.



1. Any form of slim fit pants. It’s 2017 if you are still wearing ill fitting trousers that engulf your shoes, shows you are stuck in the past. This applies to your jeans as well, boot cuts are for the last generation that use their iPhone with two hands. Your pants don’t have to constrict blood flow but they should be fitted which will make you outfit look better.

2. At least three suits and one tuxedo. No matter if you think suits are not for you and you would rather have swag. The suit is the original swag item, and at any given situation you may need a suit to look professional. The tuxedo is for special occasions. One of you three suits should be black, its a timeless fashion statement that you can always modernise with the right accessories.

3. A good timepiece. Forget about you G-shocks or Michael Kors, you need to get yourself an elegant timepiece that will always be fashionable. Under no circumstances should the new iwatch be your go to watch. The problem with most mainstream watches is that they are popular for a while then the hype around them dies and suddenly they are not fashionable anymore. However, you’ve spent a lot on them. For good watches, check out eBay auctions, you will find some quality watches there. Just make sure who you buy from has good feedback and for expensive pieces ask for documents to prove the watch is genuine. Next week expect a guide on buying watches from online auctions.

4. A nice fitted tracksuit. Sometimes you can’t always be suited up. Comfort has to take priority. For example, if you are going gym or going to the grocery store a nice slim fit tracksuit is a better fashion option.

5. A tactical turtleneck. Fans of Archer already know this. In Archer the turtleneck is referred to as the perfect clothing to wear on spy missions. However, the turtleneck is easily on of the most tactical fashion pieces. Everyone has got a jacket or a pair of jeans that can go with a turtleneck. The turtleneck is just a simple way to add sophistication to whatever outfit you are wearing.

6. Leather Jackets. This is a no brainier, leather jackets have always and will always be bad-ass. If you want to create an iconic edgy look the leather jacket is your go to. However, be careful when buying a leather jacket, if you are not careful you could buy a very bad fitting low quality jacket. Then you will go from bad-ass to try hard in the blink of an eye.

7. Socks? Like most normal humans you already have plenty of socks. But ask yourself do you have any snazzy socks that can add new life to your outfit. Those grey socks you picked up at the checkout are not going to cut. Get yourself some stylish socks and see your outfit transform.

8. A nice belt. But don’t make the mistake of spending a fortune on an expensive Gucci or Hermes belt that will not work with all your outfits. Its better to buy three or four high  quality leather belts. That you can mix and math depending on the day.

9. The right bag. There is nothing wrong with a backpack but… If you are going gym! Unless you it is n ice satchel most people ruin good outfits with a bad bag. Get yourself a nice holdall and don’t listen to your friends that call it a hand bag. Even with your laptop case try get a nice leather case which just looks better as opposed to the bright coloured nylon cases you get as a special offer with your laptop.

10. A hat of your choice. With hats its all really down to your face type and head shape. For a classic look the fedora does wonders. Whereas in summer you might want to go with the Trilby. A  cap will fit nicely on most people and there are countless niche designers that make good pieces if you don’t want the generic Nike tick on you cap.



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