Basics of etiquette.

Etiquette is a dying art and is slowly being forgotten in today’s world. It would be a shame to allow etiquette to die out with the last generation. The new gentleman must be well versed in etiquette.  In a series which we are calling basics of etiquette. We will explore the codes of behaviour every gentleman should follow and also those of other culture around the world. This week we will look at introductions. First impressions are vital, whether you are trying to impress an interviewer or closing million dollar deals.

Shaking hands.


This seems simple but some people just cant grasp the concept… Follow these steps to avoid any social blunders.

  1.  Make eye contact first before engaging physically.
  2. Regardless of whether you are left-handed, you should always use you right hand to shake a person’s hand. 
  3. Avoid too much pressure just try and reciprocate the pressure of the other person, otherwise you could hurt women with rings or people with arthritis.. But it must be noted limp handshakes do not give off a first impression, they ignite feelings of cowardice, avoid at all cost. The first time you meet a person your confidence should show.
  4. Keep the handshake short, do not indulge in excessive up and down motions. Also, you should be gripping the palm not fingers and remove any gloves before. 

At my secondary school we always hand to stand whenever an elder entered the room we had to stand up. I remember thinking this was silly. However, in a formal setting this is an unwritten rule, one must stand when a person enters a room. For young people it should be when elders walk into the room. For the host it should be whenever a new guest enters the room, regardless of age.

When exiting or entering a room avoid turning your back to people. This is more important for exiting, the last thing people see should not be your back. Imagine how Barack Obam used to enter air force one, he would walk in facing the crowd smiling and thus, this would be the last thing we see. Him smiling and waving. Now imagine if he just turned his back and walked in it would look as if something is wrong or he is uninterested.

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  1. Obama could learn this. too late though, that sake of crap is long gone now, thank god. EFF OBAMA.

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