Why should you buy a straight razor?

Whenever you mention a straight razor, people usually cower in fear and ask you why you have a death wish. Yet these same people have no problem letting a random stranger in a barber shop use one to shape up their beard. The straight razor or cut throat razor has seen a drastic decline in sales ans popularity since the dawn of the safety razor. A safety razor is the one your dad probably gave you when you grew your first stem of facial hair. Its not only in commercial use that straight razors have seen a decline, many barbers forgo them to use shavettes. Shavettes, have the same design as straight razors however they use a disposable blade. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with shavettes. In fact beginners should use them to hone their skills and at the end of this article will be five shavettes, I recommend you consider buying.  However, if you have the  money you should invest in a proper straight razor. The purchase price might seems steep but note, a good quality straight razor lasts a lifetime and you can pass it on to your son and so on. Also unlike disposable razors there is no more cost apart from  the initial purchase price.  The biggest selling point of the straight razor is the superior shave. Forget gillette, a straight razor will give you a superior shave. Even if you are not a trained barber you can just use a straight razor to keep your beard trim looking sharper for longer just by going over your barber line up.

Below are recommendations for shavettes you should consider buying to hone your skills before buying a straight razor.

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