Five tips to get healthier skin fast.


Many men are of the opinion that taking care of their skin is not a very manly process to engage in. However, we here at The New Gentleman believe that it is one of the gentleman’s duties to keep up appearances. You should care for your skin as you do for your tailored suit or crystal white yeezys.  Here are five free tips any man can incorporate into their daily routine.

1. To kick off, exfoliation.  You must be familiar with the dozens of advert you see about women’s exfoliation products. But men can also exfoliate their skin. The process of exfoliation is removing dead skin cells, so this begs the question is it not manly to remove rotting skin from your face? There is no need to buy expensive face washes a simple facial scrub bought from any retail store will do.  Partner this with a face wash and slowly massage your face and you will see the difference in your skin withing a week.

2. Number two should immediately follow number one, and this is icing your face. When you exfoliate you open up the pores and if you don’t close them you run the risk of allowing dirt to get in them which is not good for your skin. One ice cube is sufficient just rub the ice cube around your face until you feel your skin tighten up and thats when you know your pores have shut. This should be done after exfoliating and everyday after you come out the shower.

3. This is a simple one, do not use the same flannel you use for your body on your face. I say this is simple because we all clean certain areas of our body and to use the same flannel on our face after is absurd.

4.When you buy face cream or any cream for your body its better to get natural creams that haven’t been animal tested. Also vitamin E is king when it comes to skin care so make sure to look for products that contain vitamin E.  Cocoa butter is especially good, but the best option is to get alo vera in a cream form and use this every morning and night.

5.Lastly, even sleeping is part of your skin care routine. Try not to use the same pillow cases for more than three days in a row. Your pillow case accumulates a lot of dirt, so it all the skin care tips are wasted if you exfoliate just to lie your face in dirt. I would say do not sleep on your side but a gentleman sleeps however he wants!

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If you follow these tips then you will be on your way to better skin. Not only will your pictures look better but you will also feel better, as taking care of your skin  is very refreshing. 


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