How To Master Tinder As A Gentleman.

man using tinder

The New Gentleman, has to keep up with technology.  And the new technology that has taken the world by storm is mobile dating. Tinder is without a doubt the big dog of dating apps. This guide will show you how to excel on tinder as The New Gentleman.

Profile Picture 


Your profile is the first thing a woman sees, so make sure you make it classy to stand out from the rest of the shirtless pictures every women has to swipe through.


Studies done have shown that pictures which show you not looking directly to the camera are more attractive to women. Pictures like the one below make you seem less self obsessed and are more likely to lead to more matches. 

Make sure you only have pictures of yourself, you don’t want to match someone and they think they are talking to your friend instead of you. 

If you are going to have pictures of pets, dogs and cats have tested well.

Don’t even think of putting up a photo of you as a child. 


Your bio is next important thing. The key is to make it very interesting and intriguing that way you don’t give too much away but you give enough that the women want to know more.

Tinder gives you 500 words but by no means should you use all these, your bio should be between 100-300 words.

Only use as many words as you need to describe yourself and give others a sense of who you are. 


You know the phrase there are plenty of fish in the sea? Well the sea is a big place, so if you want to get more tinder matches you need to increase your radius. If you live in a big city, which is what tinder is made for increase your radius to at least 30 miles. 

If you live in a rural area you radius definitely needs to be very large even up to 100 miles if you want to give yourself the best chance to get more matches. 

Expand your age range.

A larger age range will open many more possible matches. Ultimately, you may discover many people you wouldn’t have otherwise matched with.

For example, if you have you age range set to 20 to 30 consider 20-35, this means you will be shown older woman who might have liked your profile giving you more matches.

If you are comfortable with dating younger women maybe drop consider dropping your minimum age.


Lights, Camera, Action.


Now you’ve got some matches. You need the killer opening line. Remember the gentleman is not a sex deprived teenager, we want the women we come in contact with to always remember that James Bond type they had an amazing weekend with. 

  • When you start a conversation make sure its at peak times, during the week the hours are 7-11pm as these are the times women are not at work and are usually the least busiest moments of their day.  On weekends limit this to 3-6 as most women may have plans at night especially in the city. Try avoid messaging at wrong times as it will lead to staggered messages, ruining the flow of the conversation.
  • Also save those indecent images for the perverts. The gentleman does not need a picture of his penis to secure attractive girls. 
  • Do not use the same tactics on every girl you match. People come in different shapes and sizes. A line you use for one girl will not work another.  Analyse the situation and adjust your game accordingly.
  • Don’t rush to making the conversation sexual. The gentleman will be trying to court the most attractive and sophisticated women. Moving to fast will lead to alienating these kind of women.


If you follow these steps, then you will be successful on tinder.  This is the first of a series on online dating. Check out our article on meeting your tinder date and making it the best date she’s ever had. 

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