More Life, more average music. Drake: More Life review

Drake performing

Drake’s More Life dropped on 18th March, the ‘playlist’ which we at The New Gentleman believe is really an album. Based on the fact that Drake is at the center and it is for sale. Since its release More Life has shattered records. It has amassed over 60.3 streaming plays on Spotify.  

More Life is just more avarage music.

According to metacritic, More Life has received wide critical acclaim, due to its normalised score of 80 out a 100. It is a shame to see many websites, blogs and people pander to Drake’s star status. And instead of giving More Life the low ratings it deserves many have been giving it praise, when we can consider it to be one of Drake worst and most boring projects today.  at 24 tracks it is a very long album, and one that is too long because of the sub-par music Drake has to offer. Drake is jumping on to the fast food music hype. Where realising as many project as you can with music people won’t remember in a month. And with More life Drake further distances himself away from rap settling for singing more than rapping.  


Drake views logo

If you are expecting Drake to leave the pop centred rap and music behind and give you a new sound then More Life is not the album for you. More Life feels as though it is compiled from leftovers from the Views recording  sessions. The production is tired and uninspired, Drake can no longer recreate the moodiness he reached on Take Care. Now his dark and moody production feels forced and he no longer knows what to do with it. Although we can forgive him, he does find ways to utilise the production on 4422 with Sampha. However, we may have to give Sampha the credit as he does the vocals on the track.



Some controversy over the album has come from XXXtencion and his fans. On the song KMT which we at The New Gentleman like, Drake borrows heavily on the flow of rapper XXXtencion’s Look at me! Even though we like the track and Giggs the UK grime artist does a good job.  It is undeniable that the two songs sound very similar and the fact that Look at me was released first presents problems. 



It is no suprise that we are not big fans of More Life, however, it does have some highlights. Drake incorporates plenty of musical styles on the project. Whilst the unobserving listener would congratulate Drake on this we believe this is just another way to boost sales outside of America.  But enough about corporate greed and how it ruins the music industry by whitewashing genres such as dance hall. 

Drake is no stranger to grime music having released a remix of Dave’s Wanna Know and tattoed ‘BBK’ on his shoulder.  Once again Drake on More Life looks to grime, and BBK owner Skepta, has one of the hardest hitting moments on the album, with the song Skepta’s interlude. Also,Young Thug’s appearances on the songs Ice melts and Sacrifices are a pleasant surprise. On Ice melts we get and abstract 16 from young thug with moans of ‘whoa’ on repeat the whole song. Then on the Sacrifices we get a confident Young Thug;

I’m gonna username like who is he, get it? Use a name like who is he.

Young thug album cover



Overall, more life is background music, you won’t go wrong listening to it during a session at the gym. However, if you are looking for a good rap album with solid lyrics and production. Then out of the new releases Rick Ross ‘Rather you than me’ is a better choice. 







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