Taking out your tinder date.

If you took last weeks advice you have now got multiple tinder matches. Now you’ve found one that you like. The next step is to take her out and show her what a true gentleman you are. 

When choosing where to take her try to be adventurous, women love adventure, taking her to nandos or the cinema is not an adventure. Think about it how many times have you been to the cinema. As a the new gentleman your goal is to make sure she will always remember a date with that James Bond type.

Spontaneity is king !

This does not mean just go and pick her and see where the night takes you as this can easily turn into the worst date and you look unprepared. The key is to do plenty of preparation but on the date you play things of as spontaneous. For example, you pick her up and say lets explore the city and then you stumble across a niche coffee shop that she likes. It looks spontaneous but really you remembered her telling you how much she loves coffee and you did research to find the best coffee shop. The common man would make the mistake of taking her to Starbucks, but she goes Starbucks with her friends on weekends, so where is the adventure in that.

What to wear.

The true gentleman knows how to be refined in his dress sense. If in her tinder picture she likes to wear edgy clothes and is never in a full dress and heels, this means do not suit up as you run the risk of alienating her as she will think you are too different. Its the little things. If she likes to dress edgy, maybe you can wear a blazer with a pair of jeans. You don’t have to try match her style. You just have to make sure your styles don’t completely clash. What you were also depends on where you plan on going on your date. If it is a dinner at a michelin restaurant then it is alright to suit up. But the fact the girl showed enthusiasm to your suggestion of a high end restaurant shows you she likes the finer things in life, so pull out that suit you’ve been desperate to show to the world. 


Try and text you companion an hour before you meet to just reassure that the date is still on. Just specify what the plan is for the night that way there is no confusion. 

Keep the attention on her, don’t make the mistake that you need to show of your amazing conversation skills. Keep the focus on her. On the topic of conversation try lead the conversation, and this is important, avoid dead space! This is the time that no one is speaking try to limit this to no more than 30 seconds. The longer the dead space last the harder it is to make the conversation flow again. One tactic is if you sense the conversation dying, excuse yourself to go to the toilet. You will be amazed at the things you will spot on your journey. These are all conversation starters you can use when you get back. For example, you might spot a funny poster that you can tell her about. 

Body language 

  • Smile, what seems so simple can turn you from stranger, to someone she is comfortable with.
  • Try keep open body language. This is very uninviting, so try not cross your arms or lean away. 
  • Maintain steady eye contact, a good way to initiate eye contact to make her comfortable is to ask her what the colour of her eyes is. If eye contact makes you uncomfortable try to focus looking where her nose and forehead connect. But it is better to get comfortable maintaining eye contact it is on of the gentleman’s greatest weapons.
  • Try to also read her body language, when the date begins she might not display the open body language as stated above. This is fine she is just a bit nervous meeting you for the first time. Twenty minutes into the date she should be more comfortable it varies for every woman, some women may become more confident as the conversation develops so become more open. Someone could be shy even on the second date, just judge accordingly. We will do a feature on reading body language as that deserves its own article.

Now what?

The date is nearing its end, regardless of whatever feminist posts you’ve seen. The check is the gentleman’s responsibility. It is rule every gentleman follows, if you find this difficult then are you really a gentleman? 


The date has reached its end. The goodbye what seems a small fraction of the date is easily the most important. Approach the goodbye wrong and you’ve just wasted the whole date building a foundation to remember you forgot the cement and all your hard work will come tumbling down. 

Follow this five step plan to a successful goodbye. 

  1. Confirm a second date.
  2. Read her body language, a lot of hair twirling and eye contact indicates she will not mind being engaged physically. 
  3. Go for the kiss, the gentleman is not afraid of the unknown.
  4. It is up to her to decide whether the date will continue at this stage, but do not be too pushy. Just make suggestion such as she would love the art work in your flat. But no mention of sex, women may want sex but they will not let this be explicitly be known. Again here spontaneity is king! 

Here it is the perfect date template that will leave you with a cult following in women circles. Whenever a women tells her friends of you, you will come of as the mythical gentleman that comes every full moon. Leave a comment if this worked for you and tell us where you took your date.

Happy dating. 

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