What Supplements should you be taking to maximise muscle growth?


Supplements have taken the fitness world by storm. This article will help you spend money on the most important supplements. Those that will actually help with your fitness goals as opposed to quick fix methods that can lead to health problems.

What are supplements?

Contrary to popular believe which has been fuelled by the billion dollar supplement industry, supplements are not necessary for muscle growth or losing weight. Supplements say what they do, supplement your diet meaning if you can get all the nutrients in your diet they are unnecessary. Its important to understand the definition of “supplements”  before you even look to buy any because it will help you filter out the ‘placebo supplements’ which haven’t had any of their health claims verified by any food agency. A lot of beginners alsways ask questions like:

“What supplements should I be taking?

Whats the best whey protein?

What pre workout is best?”

None of this questions are correct, they should be asking questions like:

“What food should I be eating?

Am I getting enough protein from my diet?

Why do I need a pre workout?”

The New Gentleman should questions everything don’t just take things at face value especially when it comes to fitness.

Supplement myths

You need whey protein: No one needs whey protein regardless of what most sponsored athletes and adverts tell you. You don’t need to drink a protein shake every two hours and one 30 minutes after a workout. All these are myths you need to avoid. Protein is pivotal to building muscle, that is a scientific fact. The food in your local grocery shop has enough food containing protein to help meet your needs. The only time you should take protein shakes  if you are too busy to cook enough meals in a day to meet your protein goals or if you cant afford to buy enough meat to meet your protein needs. Also, vegans may need to supplement their diet to make sure they are getting enough protein.

To get a nice body you need supplements: If you open up any men’s magazine they will show you a picture of a guy with rock hard abs and the supplements that he takes. Don’t for any second believe that those supplements are how he has achieved his body. Everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger, watch the documentary pumping iron. Count the number of supplements one of the worlds greatest bodybuilders takes. The answer will be zero .  Arnold takes no protein shakes, pre workouts or fat burners. However, there is a supplements brand that he endorses. This should show you that supplements are just all about marketing. 

You need vitamins: Recently there has been a trend of people buying vitamin supplements.  In the news there has been healkth scares associated with lack of vitamins. This is just silly advertising. There is not need for vitamins if you are eating a balanced diet as that where you will get your vitamins. If you find yourself buying vitamin tablets, you need to look at your diet because if your diet is not getting you the vitamins you need you should be worried. 

Which supplements are actually worth the money

  • Creatine
  • BCAA’S
  • Protein powder

You are probably thinking this list is wrong, it is missing plenty of things. Vitamins, protein bars etc… The supplements stated above  are the only ones that have been scientifically proven to aid in muscle growth.


Creatine is one of the most misunderstood supplement, many associate it with steroids. However, creatine is made in the body and is vital in the production of ATP which is the universal energy carrier in the body.  Medical research has come to the conclusion that creatine is safe in small amounts ‘while at the same time effectively improving the physiological response to resistance exercise, increasing the maximal force production of muscles in both men and women’. Creatine is better suited to those who have been going gym for a long time and are looking to improve strength gains. Please note, creatine must be cycled because its created in the body and too much use will lead its natural production in the body to slow. 


Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Amino acids make up protein. Quick science lesson. BCAA are just those amino acids that you get in protein heavy meals and in protein shakes. The main benefits of BCAA’S is that they stimulate muscle growth and prevet muscle breakdown. This is pivatol when it comes to dropping weight. If you are doing fasted workouts you need BCAA’S  to help prevent breakdown of the muscles you’ve worked hard to build. 

Protein Powder.

You might have seen protein powder in the myth section on this article. But it isn’t that protein powders don’t aid in muscle growth and fat loss. Its the way they are marketed that make them seem as quick fix and a magical substitute for food that will get you big muscles and a six pack. If you can afford to get your protein from buying good quality chicken breast and steak then you don’t need protein powders as there is no need to supplement your protein because you already get enough. Only people who can’t afford to get their protein from food should get protein powder. So if you find yourself buying expensive protein powders, you can just spend that money on real food which is better for you and tastier!

 Lastly, many people forget that having a nice body  is not the same as being healthy. What we put in our bodies play a huge part in our health. We here at The New Gentleman will never promote or review supplements or any fitness related items that we think is just a gimmick. We want to give the best advice we can. Anything you see on this site is something we believe in and that we have tried and tested ourselves. 



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