Why is Nav the next one Up?


The Canadian rapper has been making waves in his hometown, with releases such as Up and Myself, Nav has slowly been building a loyal fanbase. The rapper formally known as Navraj Singh Goraya, first made waves with his song Take me simple, this led to Kylie Jenner giving him promotion by her lip synching the lyrics on her snapchat. His first big break came from having the opening verse on Biebs in the trap a single on Travis Scott’s: Birds in the Trap sing McKnight.  Fast forward to Februray 2017 and Nav has signed a deal with The Weeknd’s OX records and released a self-titled mixtape with the leading single Someway featuring his new boss. Nav embodies the new Toronto sound that has led to the worldwide success of Drake and The Weeknd. Nav infuses the chill R&B style of The Weeknd and the drug addled lyrics of future to create a unique sound. Nav is The New Gentleman on the block and sure to set the world alight with his upcoming project Perfect timing. 

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