10 Scientific Ways To Be More Attractive To Women.

Trust Us, This Isn’t ‘Bro Science’

Every man wants to appear more attractive to women, and scientists have spent their time compiling data to help men in this most difficult of tasks. Are you ready? Here are ten scientific ways to be more attractive to women.

Red is you friend.

male model wearing red

Here at The New Gentleman we love red, it’s the primary colour of our logo, it makes up the background of our site, we are just red crazy and you should be too. According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology, wearing  red is seen as a sign of power and authority, therefore making you appear more attractive.

Stand Up Straight.

magnificent seven

Improving your posture will do wonders for your dating life, a man who stands up straight is a confident man. Stand straight whilst wearing red and you are killing two birds with one stone.

Less is more when it comes to smiling.

James bond holding gun

According to studies men who smile more are found to be more goofie and less dominant than their no-smiling counterparts. Work on your game face, and when you crack a smile channel your inner Bond.

Gym, eat, sleep, repeat. 

joe manganiello body

Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, it is pretty common knowledge that guys who are in shape are more likely to have success with women. There is power in a six-pack! Also don’t skip leg day, squats boost testosterone levels which help with building muscle but more importantly men with higher testosterone levels are more attractive to women. 

Sweat more.

If you are already in the gym hit the treadmill and break a sweat. Scientists have found our sweat contains ‘androstadienone’ and it  can actually be a turn on for women. Now you know why women look at you funny on the train when you’ve just had to do a 100m dash.

Look up.

micheal b jordan looking up

The question is why are you looking down in the first place, look up to your future. Show off your jaw line and your fresh shave. If you are looking down you look like someone who is not sure of their self, if you don’t believe in yourself then women will have no reason to either.

Visit the dentist.

White teeth are attractive, picture an attractive girl right now and they will have white teeth. This one is more of a gentlemanly thing, a gentleman takes care of his teeth. His teeth getting him attention from women is a bonus. 

Show off your battle wounds.

kal drogo actor with girlfriend

Please be advised we are not encouraging you to go slice your face with your straight razor. If you have scars show them off, they are signs that you are not a man who is afraid of action.  

Play hard to get.

Women do it, and so can we. This tactic is effective because playing hard to get makes you seem more alluring and mysterious. Women love mystery, master this and you will have women wanting to find out what makes you tick. 

If you follow our advice you will be more attractive to women, the only thing left is to read our guide on Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

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