Alleged X-rated Video Of John Terry’s Mum


John Terry may make millions playing football but nothing is going to stop him being the butt of mum jokes in years to come. 

Today someone allegedly leaked a video of his mum Sue Terry, giving ann unknown man fellatio. According to sources the video may be legit. 

We cannot post the video here due to the x-rated contents, but those of you interested in the discussion can go on twitter and type in the hashtag #johnterrysmum.

We are by no means saying this is John Terry’s mum but twitter seems to be certain, we also do not support the action of the man who posted the video, we are only reporting on a breaking story.


It has been revealed that the woman in the video was in fact not Sue Terry, but a professional sex worker who claims the video was leaked by a client.

The woman, called Lisa, has confirmed it is her in the video, telling the Mirror: “Some guy has put it on Twitter. I found out because a client texted me.

“That’s me in the film. I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s not John Terry’s mum obviously, is it? If I can help her I will.”

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