Best places to go supercar sightseeing in London.

lamborghini parked in london

London is now home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, and the wealthy love supercars.

As we now approach summer season all the rich Sheikhs, Princes and Oligarchs will be returning to London and they will most likely be playing with their favourite cars in the capital. Here are the best places to spot your dream cars.

Harrods, Knightbridge.

After hard days work of engine revving, how else are the super rich going to spend their day? Luxury shopping spree of course. Expect a plenty of super cars to be parked outside Harrods. More often than not the cars will be parked illegally so enjoy the spectacle of traffic wardens trying to work how to clamp a Bugatti Veyron. 

Park Tower Hotel.

The car park of the Park Tower is like a zoo for super cars, here you will find plenty of smart phone camera flashes, everyone wants a new instagram picture they can give motivational  titles such as  ‘goals’ or ‘rich lifestyle coming soon’. You will not be disappointed if you visit the Park Tower Hotel, even on its slowest day you will find at least a couple Roll Royce Phantoms with chauffeurs at the ready. 

Sloane Street, Knightsbridge

Known as the billionaires drag strip, you have to be careful on this street otherwise you may get closer to the supercharged cars than you originally wanted. 

The Dorchester, Mayfair.

Another hotel car park for you to gander at. It is better to leave the Dorchester as your last stop on the tour of the super cars of London. When you have got all the pictures you need visit the bar and  get you favourite drink and reflect back on  life and plan you ascension to the top.

These are the spots where you will definitely get you fix of super cars but you may get lucky us when we found a Porsche belonging to a Prince…

Who loves cars?

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