Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring was a gentleman.

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With rumours circulating that the new season of Better Call Saul is going to be darker and explore Breaking Bad territory, we want to look back at Gus Fring, the boss of Better Call Saul co-star Mike Ehrmantraut. Gus’s appearance on Breaking Bad has led to many calling him one of the best television villains of all time. However, a closer look at the iconic series will show that Gus was actually more gentleman than he was ruthless drug lord.

Don’t believe us, here is our evidence:



Gus is more of a fortune 500 CEO, than he is  ruthless multi-state meth dealer. Throughout the series we see that Gus runs his operation with the same business model as any successful company, bar the contracted killers on payroll. If Walter White never go into the meth game, Gus’s empire would still be in tact. Like any manager or leader should Gus admires professionalism and caution in his colleagues, and is generally calm and calculated



Gus is a man of honour. Unlike his counterparts in the drug world Gus is very honourable and treats his employees less as pawns rather friends . Gus will reimburse his employees, should they incur any damage to their property as a result of the jobs he gives them.


white volvo car
1998 Volvo v70

He is very humble. When watching Breaking Bad many like myself probably wondered why does Gus go through all of this. Unlike other drug dealers on the show such as Tuco Salamanca and Walter White. Gus does not show off his wealth. Where Walter will buy  2008 Dodge Charger for Walter White jr, Gus is more than happy to drive to his day job as manager of Los Pollos Hermanos in a 1998 Volvo V70.



He was an upstanding member of society. Giancarlo Esposito did a fantastic job potraying Gus as someone we could imagine in our lives. How many of us know the manager at our favourite store. Everyone who interacted with Gus outside of his criminal empire would not have thought otherwise of him. Gus was well know in the higher circles of Albuquerque, he sat on the board of one hospital and attended community functions and banquets.


max and gus breaking bad
Gus and Max meeting with the Juarez Cartel

Murder of his lover made him the ruthless killer he is. Breaking Bad creator  Vince Vaughn implied Gus had a romantic relationship with his business partner Maximino ‘Max’ Arciniega.  

Gus and Max were very close, and ambiguously romantic. The two were the ‘hermanos’ brothers in Los Pollos Hermanos. After rescuing Max from the slums of Santiago, Max gained degrees advanced degrees in Chemistry. The two then opened up Los Pollos where Max provided the recipe for the chicken and also manufactured meth with his advanced knowledge of chemicals. These two entrepreneurs then gained the attention of the Juarez cartel, with whom they arranged a meeting to pitch their high quality meth. Unimpressed with the two men Don Eladio Vuente killed Max. 

If the rumours are true and Gus and Max were lovers this would mean Gus witnessing the man he loved be murdered had a huge impact on his mental state. Possibly resulting in the cold hearted Gus we know.

Let it be known we are not saying Gus was good person, we are just saying he exhibited the characteristics of gentleman.

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