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Couples have sex in Eckhaus Latta’s Spring 2017 Campaign.

eckhaus models having sex in 2017 spring campaign

Eckhaus Latta has won the award for most provocative spring 2017 fashion campaign. 

eckhaus 2017 spring campaign models having sex

The shoot which was done by Korean photographer Heji Shin involves real couples in the process of having sex, half-dressed in the brands clothes. All eight of the couples involved in the shoot are relatively young, and there is diversity amongst the models used and sexual positions donned.  Shin is known for exploring sex within the fashion setting, so its likely this shoot was a collaboration  between Eckhaus Latta and the Berlin and New York Based photographer. 

The photos are very well done and Shin makes sure the photographs do not feel pornographic, rather you get a sense of the intimate relationships between the couples. Indeed many of the couples are lost in the moment and Shin makes sure to keep the camera close but at the same time not invading the space. This all results in a tasteful exploration of sex and fashion. Also the images are strategically blurred as to not reveal anymore than they already do. Shin sated she wanted the photos to be  “very clean, beautiful, and emotionally photographed”

“We were thinking of how we were using sexuality, the relationship between fashion advertising and sexuality—and in very direct terms saying sex sells,”

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta started the avant-garde, gender fluid  label, which has offices  in New York and Los Angeles, in 2012.  The brand has found a cult following in fashion, according to Dazed magazine “In a sense, Eckhaus Latta have come a long way – but they haven’t gone anywhere. In the years since forming their label, they’ve influenced an entire sub-generation of New York art and fashion students”. 

You can see the whole campaign here.

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