In The Future We Will Vote By Selfie

Vote By Selfie!

A new app which will allow people to vote using selfies has been revealed by a leading election technology company. 

Smartmatic, the developers of the app claim that the app will be safer more secure than standard online banking and shopping systems.  The app will work with the government issued ID’s most of us have in wallets in our day-to-day lives. Facial biometric data combined with government issued will allow the app to create a digital identity. Users will then be able to use the selfie function on their phones and cast the vote wherever, whenever.

The current paper ballot system we use has been part of our democratic exercise since 1872, in that time we have started to shop, date and bank online, yet we still vote using pen and paper.

Chief Executive of the Institute for Digital Democracy Areeq Chowdhury told BBC Newsbeat:

“It would make politicians pay attention more to groups who’d be enfranchised more by this method of voting,” he said.

“We’re banking online, shopping online, even dating online so it doesn’t make sense to continue with a process that is offline, that is stuck in the 1880s.”

Britain is currently behind compared to other countries, America use touchscreen booths in some states and in Uganda voters scan their fingerprints to register to vote. Whilst this technology can revolutionise the way we vote is still susceptible to hacking by individuals or if the rumours about Russia are true, countries could use cyber attacks to influence elections.

People voting in US Presidential Election on touchscreen monitors.


Chris Skidmore MP told BBC News the paper ballot system will not be changing any time soon.

“We believe that the current paper and pen method is the best way forward, it means that each individual’s vote is counted equally, one citizen one vote.”

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