Game of thrones: Masterclass in filming action.

game of throne battle of the bastards

We love movies here at The New Gentleman. Game of thrones bought the action sequences you’d expect on the big screen to our screens at home. 

Cinefix are a YouTube channel who breakdown films and explore the art of film making from directing to the use of colour in cinema. After they watched the Battle of the Bastards episode, they made this video. Breaking down what made the fight between John Snow and Ramsey Bolton just so exhilarating and glued us to the screen. 

Cinefix is a very entertaining YouTube channel and if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe, as to not miss their next. 

Also to get you in the mood for Game of Thrones, check out the trailer for season 7 below:

Game of Throne  which is set to be released July 17 in the UK on Sky Atlantic. It’ll broadcast at 9pm EST in the States and for dedicated UK fans it’ll air at 2am BST the same morning. It’ll repeat at 9pm on Sky Atlantic later the same day.

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