Kendrick Lamar may be releasing new album on Sunday.

If you haven’t listened to DAMN, you are definitely missing out.

Whilst we have been mulling over the album for our review, a fan theory has caught our eye. This theory claims that Kendrick Lamar may be releasing a new album  on Sunday. All this speculation stems from a tweet by Sounwave a TDE producer.

This was followed by this tweet…

Fans of the matrix will notice Morpheus is holding a pill in each hand one red and one blue. Kendrick’s display picture on Spotify has changed to him in front of a blue wall. Are you starting to notice the links. The first song on DAMN is Blood (red), and anyone who knows the two major gangs in Compton knows the other opposing gang there is the crips(blue). 

Kendrick dies in DAMN, in the opening song blood, Kendrick is telling a story of ho he met this old woman “hello ma’am can I be of any assistance?”, “you appear to have lost something”. The old woman replies you have lost something… you’ve lost… your life”, and then there is a gunshot. Also at the end of the album on ‘DUCKWORTH’ Kendrick raps “and die from a gunshot” again the gun shot is heard.

Furthermore, closer analysis of the album tracklist shows the acronym is ‘DEATH 2 THE LEADER’.

Today is Good Friday the day Jesus was crucified and we all know Jesus is resurrected three days after. Could Sunday then be the release of the next album which will clear up whether or not Kendrick died on DAMN. It must also be noted before the release of DAMN Kendrick sated his next album would focus on religion. 

What do you think of this theory?

You can listen to DAMN here:

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