Obama Proves US Presidency Can Make You Rich.

Who Knew Being President Made You Rich?

“So what’s been going while I’ve been gone”, joked Barack Obama at his first public appearance since Donald Trump’s inauguration.  

Barack Obama has reportedly agreed to speak at a Wall Street conference for almost half a million dollars. The former president who left the White House 100 days ago  is said to be appearing at Cantor Fitzgeralds LP’s healthcare conference as a keynote speaker in September.

Mr Obama’s reported speech fee is nearly twice as much as Hillary Clinton has charged private companies for similar events.

According to Fox Business, the contract has been signed by Obama but the company is waiting until all the paperwork is finalised before making a formal announcement. Obama will still be able to pull out of the talk if he wishes, due to a clause in the contract with the mid-sized New York based investment bank. 

Obama is not the first US President to receive massive amount of money to give talks. 

Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton have made a combined $153 million in paid speeches since 2001. According to CNN the two gave 79 speeches from February 2001 until May 2016 receiving an average payday of $210,795. 

George W. Bush earns between $100,000 and $175,000 per speech, he is considered one of the most prolific speech-makers in modern politics. He has been the keynote speaker at over 200 events since he left office. This leaves his total earnings at $20-35 million. 

Obama was one of the most liked Presidents in US history, we are certain with his charm and wit he will make millions in the speech circuit should he choose. If not, he has started writing his memoirs of the White House, so expect him to top the New York bestsellers list. 




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  1. […] People, memes are not evidence, neither is a screenshot you took on twitter. We have noticed lately, when people are arguing on Facebook or any other platform, people will send in memes as if they somehow cement the argument they are making. This also includes posting articles from well-known bias media outlets. Do not just read a headline and run with it, read the entire article and after you have finished reading the article research the topic. Recently Obama was in the news for accepting $400,000 for a speech, we wrote an article on this click here to read it. Other media outlets reported this story villainizing Obama and most people ran with this narrative bashing Obama. However, what these people failed to do was to research, a quick google search would have let you know Obama is not the first head of state to make money from his position. Bill and Hillary Clinton have made over 150 million doing the same, except Hillary hasn’t been a head of state. Republican, don’t rush to get you ‘lock her up’ picket signs, George W. Bush has made $20-35 million from the same endeavours. […]

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