The Most Beautiful Card Trick Perfomance Ever.

Magician Shin Lim Wows Audience.

If you love magic then you’ve most likely watched Penn and Teller’s highly popular show Fool Us. The show usually involve around four acts per episode who try to do magic routines that not only fool the audience but the veteran magician duo. People who accomplish that feat win a chance to perform their routine during Penn and Teller show at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The duo is rarely ever fooled as with their combined knowledge of magic they can pick up on most techniques magicians throw at them. However,  Shin Lim, the ex musician, astonished the crowd and left Penn and Teller very confused.  Penn even exclaimed, “we don’t even know how you vanished the f*cking marker”.

Shin Lim comes from a musical background but got Carpel tunnel syndrome and had to give up his passion but luckily he found magic and boy is he good at it.

He does his performance in silence, a gimmick used by Teller, however, he uses music to create different moods, which is what makes this performance so beautiful. The music captivates you, and your eyes just focus on the cards. Although he isn’t just a normal card magician, the feats he pulled of with cards were so slick that not even the best magicians in the game could tell how he done them. Then there is the smoke Teller said of his use of smoke “this is the most  use of smoke I’ve ever seen in a magic trick that was sincerely beautiful”. Penn is not wrong either, Shin manages to make smoke appear out of his mouth whilst at the same time producing a card thats some how just transported itself into his mouth. 

We all know ,magic isn’t real, but Shin Lim’s performance is one of the few in magic that makes you stop questioning the logistics behind the trick and you just focus on the beauty of it. 

Watch Shin Lim’s performance below:

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