Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

No Cheesy Pick Up Lines And Leave The Props At Home. 

The problem with most pick up lines is that aside from offering little chuckles they do not work in the real world. These are pick up lines that actually work in the real-world.  


It’s safe to say hello is probably the most known word in the English language. So it’s a surprise when guys say that they can’t find a way to start a conversation with a girl, when they have this simple word at their disposal. All you have to do from this point is engage in an interesting conversation.

‘Do I know you?/Have we met before?’

They say you shouldn’t start a relationship with a lie but one little white lie can’t hurt. Most people who use this line or are on the receiving end are fully aware they have never met the other party. But it is a great ice breaker. 

Please note: As soon as you have started the conversation don’t commit the bit, use it as a conversation starter then move on.

‘Excuse me, is this seat taken?’

This works in any environment, on the bus, on a train, in a Starbucks. This is a great line because you can infer whether the girl is interested of the bat. By saying yes, she is basically giving you a chance to wow her with your amazing conversation skills. If she says no, be gracious in defeat and move on. 

‘I saw you checking me out – did you want to buy me a drink?’

Now I know we said no cheeky pick up lines but this one, if it’s a hit, will land you a pretty female companion. This only works if you have been making eye contact before you make the approach. How you deliver this line and how you carry yourself will determine the result. If you are too cocky with your body language then you can go from confident to douchebag in a split second. You’ve been warned…

‘Excuse me, would you mind helping me with…’

It could be asking her to settle a disagreement you are having with you friend or simply asking for direction. Just no X-rated request and you will go home with a sore face from the slap you will most likely receive. 

‘Can you save me from my boring friends…’

Your judgement in picking friends will be tarnished in her eyes but she will be happy you are interested in her personality more than her looks.  

‘Are you subscribed to The New Gentleman?’

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