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Style Sins Every Gentleman Should Avoid

Avoid these sins as you avoid the plague.

These are the seven style faux pas that every man should avoid.

1. Buying ill-fitting clothes.

Most men make this mistake all the time, whether its clothes that are to large for their build or too small, how your clothes fit is one of the most important things when you dress up. We have found ourselves in situation where we like a particular item but the store doesn’t have it in our size. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat… Do Not sacrifice the fit of your clothes. You can always find another blazer you like. 

2. Not dressing according to the occasion.

Over-dressing is much a sin as is under-dressing. Dress for the occasion. If you get an invite to a black tie event make sure you are in black tie, if the dress code is business casual, do not go in a tuxedo. Most importantly learn the meaning of all the dress codes, white tie does not mean wear a white tie with your suit.

3. Mixing the wrong patterns.

Avoid this, always!

Patterns and colours that clash strain the eye and just look messy. Avoid wearing clashing patterns, for example you should never wear striped shirt with a striped tie. This also goes for wearing plain solid colour, people will think you are as boring as your fashion sense. 

4. Wearing the wrong colours.

Clashing colours is another eyesore, and over-matching colours shows you are a rigid style robot.If you have to ask someone “does this go together” it probably means you are on the road to sin and should stop right there. Unless you are as cool  Andre 3000 don’t even think about colour clashing.

5.  Dress your body type!

Some looks were just made for a certain type of person, a muscular person should not wear a skinny tie it looks ridiculous. Most men make this mistake not because they lack fashion sense, but many men jump onto current trends not checking if it matches their body type. 

6. Quality beats Quantity every time. 

It’s not the number of clothes in your wardrobe its the quality of clothes in your wardrobe. Whenever you buy certain items make sure they are going to be timeless, especially if you are spending a small fortune on them. Things like Nike Huaraches are not timeless items when the new trend comes around you will not be able to wear those trainers outside without looking like you are behind in fashion. 

7. Small detail ruining outfit. 

Some men can ruin what would be a spectacular outfit with the adding of  a small accessory that ruins the whole aesthetic of the look. This could be the wrong cuff links or it could be a pocket square that clashes with the rest of the outfit.  Look at you outfit as a whole  this will stop you adding  small details that can ruin it. 

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