How To ‘Super Charge’ Your Phone In Five Minutes.

No More Waiting Around At A Socket.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to read one of our articles only to find out that your phone battery is low? We are guessing you own an iPhone, and like many iPhone owners, with every week that passes your phone’s battery gets worse and worse and before soon you fear you may have to replace the battery all the whole phone. 

Most phone batteries, over time start to degenerate which means shorter battery life, however charging still takes ages?! Like Trump said ‘this maybe worst trade deal in the history of trade deals..’

Business Insider has recently revealed we’ve all been wasting time. Because we could’ve been ‘super charging’ our smartphones at much higher speeds – reaching 10% in around 5 minutes, to be specific – if only we’d known how. And there are a few very simple ways of doing it

Put you phone on airplane mode.

Airplane mode prevents your phone from carrying out any functions that unnecessarily drains the battery, This includes gaining access to wifi, making or receiving calls, texts, messages and emails, connecting to bluetooth and receiving push notifications.

Use optimum charger.

The charger that your phone came with is not just a gimmick, companies like apple and Samsung, spend time and money in developing your charger.Certain chargers have differing amps of electricity per second they can conduct which influences how long it takes for your phone to charge. So don’t charge you phone with any counterfeit charge you find lying round your house. The best charger for iPhone is the wall charge same for Samsung users make sure you are using your high speed chargers.  (It’s worth nothing that only the iPhone 6 and newer models are capable of accepting 2.1 amps per second, which is the amount the iPhone wall charger provides).

Leave your phone alone.

This is going to be hard, but trust us nothing will happen to you if you don’t touch your phone for more than 5 minutes. Using your phone whilst charging it is like eating whilst you are cooking, when you are done you won’t have anything. So let your phone charge.

Doing all the above things, the tech people at Business Insider were able to charge an iPhone 6 from 0 to 100% in just 5 minutes, which is super fast. Also think of the energy savings you will be making too. 

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