These are the habits of perfectly-groomed gentlemen.

Now they are you habits.

1.Become a regular at your barber.

When it comes to getting haircuts, you should proactive not reactive, many men always wait until their hair is out of control before they decide to go to the barber. The next time you meet your barber tell him to pencil you in for the next four weeks. Remember if you’ve noticed  you need a haircut, everyone else realised three days before you.

2. Find you signature scent.

You need to find a fragrance that people automatically associate with you. You do not want people to stop in their tracks because this usually means you have used too much aftershave. The trick is to find two or three aftershaves you like and invest in them instead of having a large collection of mediocre aftershaves.

3. Upgrade your toothbrush!

You are probably reading this article on your expensive smartphone but picture your toothbrush. If you are still relying on elbow grease to brush you teeth your dental routine is stuck in the past. Studies done have shown that rotating brushes reduce plaque by 11% compared to other toothbrushes. Also, if it isn’t flossing should be now part of your everyday routine.

4. Manscaping.

Now no one is saying you should be silky smooth like a porn star, but trimming your pubic hair is a matter of courtesy. DO to other as you would done to you, if you partner keeps things trim for you, return the favour. There are plenty of electric razors on the market now made especially for this task. Make sure you keep your razors separate, one for your face and one for downstairs.

5. Exfoliation is not just for women.

Exfoliating is great way to remove dead skin cells from your pores, pay attention to your nose as it is the most exposed part of your face.  A good facial scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh and you will notice the results fast. Make sure to only use facial scrubs no more than 4 times a week as they are quite abrasive and could end up doing more harm than good. 

6.  Keep that beard trimmed.

Very few guys can pull of the untrimmed beard/stubble look and unless you are a rich celebrity you are probably not one of those guys. So make sure to get a beard trimmer, they are not expensive. Get into a daily routine of trimming your beard.

7 …. Time to swap that beard trimmer for a razor

A wet shave is the best shave. Learn how to wet shave and you will be close to graduating manly skills 101. NEVER dry shave when using a razor, are you  an animal. It’s best to start off by soaking a flannel in hot water and placing it on your face to allow the hair to loosen then apply a shaving oil and you are ready for business. If this seems like too much just get a your barber to give you a wet shave once a week and just maintain with your trimmer. 

8. Take care of those feet.

Your face is not the only things that needs love. If you don’t own a pumice stone, that is the first thing you need to purchase after this article. Pumice stone are what you use to scrape all the dead skin from you feet, do this after a shower and moisturise. When summer comes you will be able to wear flip-flops and walk proudly.

9. Eyebrows are not just a women affair.

As men we don’t need to have perfectly plucked eyebrows and I have never done my eyebrows because they never get bushy. But if you eyebrows are meeting in the middle, you need to sort this out. Just ask you barber after your haircut, he will gladly tidy up your eyebrows for you. Don’t worry you prob won’t be the first to ask him. 

10. Nail you hand care routine.

This is the easiest to do, just clip your nails once every week.  Its free, quick and easy! If you want to go the extra-mile get some hand and nail moisturiser and reap the benefits. 



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