8 Incredibly Successful People Who’s Success Came Later In Life

They Say You Get Wiser With Age. 

The media and the success stories we see have programmed us to think if we are not millionaires, famous or have 100k followers in our twenties then we have lost at the game of life. 

Here are 9 men who prove that you can find success at any age, 30, 40 or even 50. There is no age limit to success. 

  1. Jon Hamm

Probably one of the coolest men on TV during Mad Men’s incredible run, it’s hard to remember that Don Draper was waiting table until he was 29. He was on course to be one the people who went to Hollywood to find success but ended up being part of the club of failed actors. Hamm’s fortunes changed when a lucky break on Providence led to the role of Don Draper some years later (by which time he was 36). Hamm now doesn’t struggle to find any work, and we doubt he will be putting on his apron any time soon. 

  1. Rick Gervais 

The comedian didn’t write or star in The Office until he was almost 40. Since then he’s had a very successful career, The Office found incredible success overseas with the American remake. There is no doubt that Gervais is Britain’s most successful comedian. 

  1. Vincent Van Gough

Some of you are probably confused but we never said modern men. The Dutchman was relatively unknown in his early life, in fact he didn’t even pick up a paint brush until he was 28. He famously wrote to his brother: ‘my real career begins now’.  He then went on to produce over 2000 artworks and again most of his most revered pieces were completed in his final years. You really do get wiser with age. 

  1. Sylvester Stallone 

His career in his twenties was a shamble, he was doing soft-core porn to pay the rent, he was also homeless at one point. It wasn’t until he was 30 that he secluded himself and wrote a script about a boxer, who we now all know.

  1.  Colonel Sanders 



The Godfather of fried chicken was struggling to run a service station in his 40’s when he took a punt of serving food. And this was one of the best moves he made, his fried chicken was so popular, that he started his franchise in the 60’s and then sold it for a hefty amount in his mid-70’s.

  1. James Dyson 

Now owner of one of Dyson, a vacuum cleaner heavyweight, the British inventor could not get anyone interested in his vacuum cleaner until he was 39. Until someone finally picked up his patent, he was relying on his wife.

  1. Stan Lee 

The creator of some of some of your favourite comic book characters, including Spider-man and the Fantastic Four. Stan Lee didn’t hit his stride until he was 43, now every Hollywood superhero blockbuster has his fingerprints on it.



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