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We Answer The Most Googled Style Questions

You Don’t Have The Answers Google.

There are around 40,000 humans interacting with Google at any given moment, and people are usually searching the craziest things that pop in their heads. However, sometimes, men are not just searching the dark side of the internet, you guys have genuine questions about men’s fashion. 

We are going to answer the most asked question in men’s fashion on google.

1.  How To Wear A Tie Clip?

This is an easy one to start with, even though modern fashion has started to bend age-old fashion rules, where to place your tie clip is no up for debate. It goes in between the third and fourth button on your shirt.

As always, when accessorising your suit, sometimes, less is more. The tie clip can give you that clean, minimal look, avoid adding to much. If you are wearing a tie clip you most likely don’t need a lapel or a pocket square otherwise you run the risk of over-accessorising. 

2.  How To Roll Sleeves?

Step 1: Unbutton your sleeves

Step 2: Turn your cuffs inside out 

Step 3: Using the width of your sleeves as measuring tool, and fold back the cuffs.

Step 4: Fold until you sleeves are just below you elbows

Step 5: Success!

This roll is perfect when you are doing some hand on work and your sleeves are restricting your movement, this includes any impromptu DIY you may have to do.

But if you are just at work typing, you sleeved should not be rolled up to your elbows, just up to the bow.

3.  Which Buttons Do You Do Up When Wearing A Suit?

If you’ve been paying attention, which rule is David Beckham breaking?

We imagine this question is from students who have just graduated university and need to start dressing smart for job interviews. 

There is no better way to tell people I have no clue about formal dress than doing up both button when wearing a two button suit.  It’s just not  right!

One button suit: Only the top button should be done up.

The three-button suit comes with a simple rule: “sometimes, always, never.”This means you can do up the top button “sometimes” this is up to you to decide. “Always” do up the middle button. Never do up the third button.  

4. When Should You Wear Necklaces?

This is contentious issue, hardcore gentleman stylist will always say there is never a situation in which a necklace should be used as an accessory. This is something you can not advise as it depends on the individual, but what I can say is that practice restraint, no massive gold rapper chains.

5. Do I Wear Socks With Loafers?

The Idle Man

I usually get asked by my friends why are you wearing shoes without socks? Many people forget the loafer is made to be worn without socks.

According to Brian Ahumuza, a stylist, loafers and moccasins, are made to compliment a casual smart look, and that adding socks to loafers totally kills the look.

He adds that since men, wear these shoes with dress pants, to the office, they are made to think that the shoes are a must to complete the look.


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