Bartenders Reveal The Pick-Up Lines They’ve Seen Work

Straight From The Horses Mouth.

Bartenders and security guards witness some crazy things during their shifts. But in this article we are going to focus on bartenders.

They have the best seat in the house to see people make fools of themselves such as spending more money than they have on buying drinks for a guy who is clearly not interested. But they  also witness some of the smoothest pick-up lines, you know the type of lines, you’d expect to work in a Bond film only in real life. 

Lets call this one, fake bar owner. 

A bartender who works in bar in a student bar told us, making friends with a bar tender can take you pick-up game to another level. He says, he once had a friend of his tell him he was gonna bring a hot girl to the bar to get a drink but he had one favour to ask…

The bartender’s friend did indeed bring  a hot girl to the bar. The bar was packed  and people were getting frustrated because getting their drinks was taking too long. 

As the bartender’s friend walked towards the bar, he handed him a beer ahead of everyone who was waiting. He said his friend looked like he owned the place or was a high roller, regardless he ended up getting the girls number that evening.

Make friends with the bartender, it could help you immensely. 

The drunk MacGuyver 

A bartender in Manhattan, New York says he once saw a guy talking to a woman at the bar, the guy was doing well but he was struggling to get  the girls number.

“The guy was really tipsy at this moment, the girl said if they were to go out would he bring her flowers?” says the Bartender

“I kid you not this guy asked me  for  two straws, a napkin, and a lighter and I shit you not he made a rose with it. You bet your ass she left with him. Kudos, sir.”

Bond… Jane Bond…

A bartender in London told us he once witnessed a woman who had come to the bar with a date, and across the bar was a guy who she had been making eye contact with.  

The guy never attempted to talk to her but after a while he went to the toilet, when he walked past her, she told him the was something wrong with the white pocket square he was wearing.

And like a trained magician, he saw her perform the greatest sleight of hand by slipping a paper with her number whilst she was ‘fixing’ his pocket square.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

“Do you want the best sex of your life tonight?”


“Then I’m the guy for you”

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