Ben and Jerry Refuse To Serve 2 Scoops Of 1 Flavour Until Gay Marriage Legalisation In Australia

Ben & Jerry’s are refusing to serve two scoops of the same flavour of ice cream at its 26 stores in Australia until the government legalises same-sex marriage, the company announced Wednesday.

The Burlington, Vt based company, is putting pressure on the Australian government to hold a free vote on legalising marriage between same-sex couples. 

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbot had proposed  the government hold a free vote, but this was subsequently turned down by senators.

“With over 70 per cent of Australians supporting marriage equality, it is time to get on with it,” the company said.

In addition to not serving people two scoops of the same ice-cream Ben and Jerry’s are also  utting post boxes in its locations so that people can send their MPs postcards telling them why they want same-sex marriage to be legal.

The company aim to deliver these postcards to the government before parliament’s last session on June 13.

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