‘Big Bang Theory’ Prequel ‘Young Sheldon’ Looks Hilarious

Young Sheldon Is Just Annoying As Old Sheldon.

If you think Sheldon played by Jim Parsons makes life a living hell for his friends and family members on the ‘Big Bang Theory’. Imagine, that same Sheldon at nine years, as an adult Sheldon superiority complex is a problem. But as a young child who knows he is smarter than all the adults in his life ‘Young Sheldon’ is sure to be the Bane of everyone he comes across.  

The show will star Big Little Lies scene-stealer Iain Armitage in the title role, Jim Parsons will provide narration to provide some insight into the mind of Sheldon’s younger self. 

Unlike Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon will be a single-cam comedy instead of multi-cam unlike its predecessor, this also means no laugh track.

See the trailer for the show below:

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