Guy Who Shot ‘Ricky’ In Boyz N’ Hood Was Murdered In Real Life

Up And Coming Actor To Real Life Gangsta

Anyone who has watched Boyz N’ Hood, knows the face of the guy who killed Ricky at the end of film. The actor had a small but memorable part, he is part of an exclusive club of characters who are widely hated by audiences everywhere (think King Joffrey.)

His name was Lloyd Avery II (pictured in the above photo on the left) and his Boyz N’ The Hood character was the street thug who killed “Ricky” [Morris Chestnut] as he was running for his life down that alley, on his way home from picking up a few groceries from the store.

Lloyd sadly ended up living out the life of the character he played. He found himself charged with double-murder and he was ultimately murdered back in 2005. 

Lloyd grew up in a comfortable middle class family, so it came as a shock to those close to him, when he upped and left his comfortable life in the suburbs for the crime ridden and blood gang hotspot that is Crenshaw in LA. Lloyd integrated himself in the city nicknamed the ‘jungle’ by tattooing the word “JUNGLEZ” above his left eyebrow.

His brother Che, who told his story said “Instead of just being a Hollywood-like studio gangster, he was living it.”

“My brother turned into a for-real for-real gangster.” Lloyd never got over playing the role of Knucklehead No 2. “He felt like he had something to prove when he really didn’t. Even if you have money and fame, you will sacrifice all of that just to have respect from a bunch of thugs.”

Lloyd unfortunately met his tragic end in Pelican Bay State Prison where his was murdered by his satanic worshipper roommate.

Lloyd clearly had problems he was struggling with but chose the wrong path to go down. 

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