India Wants To Be Solar Power Leader By 2030

They Are Taking The Lead.

The country which had been planning a mega cola fired power plant has reversed its decision because the government wants to focus on more sustainable forms of energy. 

Gujarati state officials had planned a 4,000-Megawatt ultra-mega power project (UMPP). Had the government went ahead with the plan, this would have been the second UMPP in the Gujarati region. 

A solar farm near Amritsar in India, which is pushing renewable energy Getty

The decision to scrap the proposed project comes from the government deciding that the region was already adequately supplied with energy and focusing on renewable energy is a much better long-term plan. 

“Gujarat had proposed the UMPP last year but we now feel we do not need more,” energy minister Chimanbhai Sapariya told theBusiness Standard. “We already have more than sufficient generation capacity.

“Our focus is now on renewable energy. The government will encourage solar power.”

According to Energypost, India is going to spend US$1 trillion (£790 billion) to develop 1 terawatt of global solar power by 2030 – that’s four times more than the current worldwide total. India has high hopes of creating a renewable energy utopia, they are even aiming of being 100% electric vehicle nation. 

On the other hand, whilst India’s seems to be really pushing for renewable energy sources we must still fact check their claims, because big flashy headlines don’t really tell the story.  Fossil fuels account for 75% of the energy generated in India, and coal generates 80% of electricity. India with its enormous population will never be able to phase out fossil fuels overnight, and their claim of being solar powered by 2030 is also a dud. The transition to renewable energy will take decades, what India plans on doing is increasing the number of renewable energy sources to meet demand. This does not mean they will be shutting down and coal powered plant. So essentially they are just decreasing their rate emissions are growing not reducing them. 

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