If You Watch Movies Illegally You Can Be Held Ransom For £500 By Hackers

It’s Time To Invest In Netflix.

Hackers can hide computer viruses in online video subtitles and use them to take control of computers, security experts have warned.

Those most at risk of these viruses are people who illegally download movies and TV shows, according to The Guardian, hackers are embedding viruses within subtitle files that come with the films. The viruses contained in these files can easily bypass most security software and antivirus programs designed to keep computers safe.

Checkpoint, the group responsible for discovering the threat, say that millions of people who watch and download films illegally are at risk. 

The viruses are similar to the Rasnsomware attack which was used recently to target the NHS. The attack allows hackers to take full control over any type of device using the software, this includes laptops, phones or even smart TV’s. 

Checkpoint say four platforms are particularly susceptible, and these are: VLC, Kodi, Popcorn Time and Stremio. 

Once hackers have taken control of your computer they can hold all your data hostage, including all the files on your hard drive making you computer worthless. In the UK the only publicised ransomware attack left a man having to pay £500 to get his files back. However, it must be noted it is not known whether or not the hackers will return your files after you have paid the ransom. 

VLC, Kodi, Popcorn Time and Stremio said they had developed patches to protect against the attack, although many users will not have updated to the latest software. The latest versions of the software are available to download on their websites.

The only way to be safe is buy, streaming your favourite films and shows, from legal sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go.

Watch the video below to see the virus in action. 

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