Watch SWAT Team Raid J Cole’s House

It Really Is A Cole World.

A couple of weeks ago J Cole’s documentary 4 Your Eyez Only aired on TV. In the documentary there was footage of a SWAT team raid of J Cole’s house in North Carolina.

The video only features a majority of the first verse, cutting off before he says, “Welcome to the Sheltuh, this is pure / We’ll help you if you’ve felt too insecure / To be the star you always knew you were / Wait, I think police is at the door.”

The house was purchased by the rapper as a haven for Dreamville artists. According to producer Elite, Cole rented out a house in N. Carolina which is called the Sheltuh, its a recording studio where the majority of  J Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only album was recorded. It is located in a wealthy neighbourhood, and when Cole neighbours saw predominantly African-American men going in and out of the house and smoking marijuana they believed there was a drug operation running in the property. The Neighbours reported this to the police who consequently carried out a raid on the property. Nothing was found in the studio come sanctuary for Dreamville artists. This story highlights the stereotypes many African-Americans still fall victim to. 

The documentary is a fascinating watch, as Cole plays in the background while the film focuses on everyday people struggling with oppression and racism.The documentary is now available on J Cole’s Youtube page and we recommend you watch it. 

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