Watchmaking Is A Dying Art

Sad Times.

Watchmaking is painful art, the intricate details that go behind making timeless pieces will leave you speechless. A standard Rolex timepiece is composed of 220 parts, this can increase depending on different models. The typical quartz watch has 50-100 parts.

Mass manufacturing of watches has been both an evil and good. It has made watches cheap and accessible to everyone, because of the low costs one can expect from brands such as Casio, Rotary and Fossil. But mass production of watches has meant the mode of production has gone from hand-made to automated systems. This has led to many watchmakers being put out of business because people are not willing to spend money on a one-of-a-kind timepiece, when they can get a mass-produced watch that’s currently trending. 

Fashion brands are also killing the watchmaking industry, Micheal Kors is a brand that faces criticism for this, their watches are made by Fossil, but they just market them as their own, which is just lying to consumers. Especially since they charge extortionate prices for timepieces that are nothing to shout home about. 

Bloomberg has released a short video which gives an insight into the luxury watchmaking process and we advise you give it a watch(no pun intended.)

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