This Week You Can Pay For The Tube With A Bottle Of Lucozade

Takes Contactless To New Heights.

You can pay for the tube with anything nowadays, be it your oyster card, contactless card or phone, most thing we now have in our pocket can now be used for transactions. 

Lucozade wants to make it possible to pay for your tube ride using their bottles.

Between Tuesday 30th May and Friday 2 June, thousands of lucky passengers will receive a special edition bottle of Lucozade containing a chip which will allow them to swipe through he gates just like any oyster  card or contactless card. 

“We are excited for Lucozade Energy to be able to launch this new campaign on the tube,” said Ashleigh Roberts senior brand manager at Lucozade. “In a city that’s always on the go, we’re giving Londoners an extra opportunity to get where they need to be in a fun and unique way.”

So, if you are lucky, not only will you get a free bottle of Lucozade this week to wake you up, but your tube ride will be free. 

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