Yacht Of The Week: Damen SeaXplore

Yacht of the week.

The Yacht of the week is the Damen SeaXplore, it has been commissioned by Dutch yard Damen, parent company to superyacht builder Amels. 

The Damen SeaXplorer 65 will accommodate 12 guests, with space for 20 crew. With this yacht Damen wanted to combine the luxurious aspects of conventional yachts but also commercial ship capabilities. The influences of commercial ships can be in its design, it has the look of an intimidating warship, but with  the symmetrical lines and colours of a high-end yacht.

This is what we have been waiting for – a purpose-built, go-anywhere, globally capable luxury expedition yacht,” said Rob McCallum, founding partner of EYOS Expeditions, who has teemed with Damen for the creation of the yacht. 

Managing director of Amels, Rob Luijendijk, said that the SeaXplorer range had been created because of a gap in the market.


The SeaXplorer is unique in that it gives guests a new freedom never seen before on yachts, guests can travel 40 days between port calls. Damen explorer yachts will also be able to carry up to two helicopters as well as a selection of tenders, toys and submersibles.

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