Avocado Art Is The New Hipster Trend Coming To A Cafe Near You.

If you thought the avocado phase was almost at its end, we are sorry to disappoint you. Just smashing up avocados and serving them on sourdough bread is no longer enough, the visual potential for the fruit has now been discovered.

If you thought latte art was good, avocado art is god-tier, the hashtag #avocadoart on Instagram pulls up more than 2,000 results.

The most famous piece of avocado art being the pixelated avocado, created by Australian chef Kylie Millar, a former MasterChef contestant. To create this masterpiece, the fruit’s insides are sliced into tiny squares to create a cubic effect.

Twenty-six-year-old Italian Daniele Barresi, whose elaborate floral patterns have been featured by Amsterdam restaurant The Avocado Show, is one of the most popular artists on Instagram, with more than 48,000 followers.


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