How To Stay Cool In This Hot Weather.

The Hot Gentleman

The MET office has issued the second highest heat wave alert in British history. Currently Britain is hotter than Istanbul, Marseille and Los Angeles.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on staying cool during this heat wave.

Hot Drinks Are Your Best Friend.

In hot weather such as this, the most logical conclusion people come to is that drinking hot beverages will just make the heat worse. But in fact they do the opposite.

If high school biology has taught us anything it’s that the body likes to maintain homeostasis, and temperature is controlled through negative feedback. Negative feedback works like this, if the body gets to hot, processes bring about a reversal of this.

Hot drinks will bring up your body temperature which leads to negative feedback cooling the body down to achieve homeostasis again.

Eat Less.

Digestion is responsible for most of our body heat, larger meals take longer to metabolise which increases body temperature.

Stay Away From Alcohol.

Alcohol can dehydrate you, this is the last thing you need during a heat wave, trade in the cider for a low-calorie sparkling drink or the best drink of all WATER!

Caffeine  increases metabolic heat in the body, avoid at all costs. 

Dress For The Occasion.

I made this mistake myself the other day, even if you have an interview, try leave the suit jacket at home it will only make you hot and sweaty.

Trade in trousers for deck shorts.

Your Hands Are Not Fans.

It still makes me chuckle when I am on a hot train and I see people fanning themselves with their hands and any pieces of paper they have. 

This is only a temporary fix, you only stay cool for as long as you keep fanning yourself. As soon as you stop your body temperature will increase due to all the energy you expended. 

Try using a hand-held fan, or use a piece of paper or a flexible object with a large surface area as a fan to cool you down.

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