MIT Has Developed Tattoo Ink Which Monitors Your Health In Real Time.

The Only Time Tattoos Are Acceptable For A Gentleman. 

Researchers have developed a new colour-changing tattoo ink that responds to changes in the body, such as blood sugar and sodium levels.

This special tattoo ink will include a liquid with biosensors instead of traditional tattoo ink, scientists want to turn the surface of the human skin into an “interactive display”. This technology could be the future of modern medicine, we will be able to just check our health tattoo to see if our health is in order. 

The project, called DermalAbyss, is a collaboration with researchers from MIT and Harvard Medical School.

The team has developed three different inks, these inks shift colour in response to changes in interstitial fluid, this makes up 16% of our body weight. This is the fluid that sloshes around between our cells. 

Out of the three inks, the one which has everyone excited , is the ink that can detect blood sugar levels. The sensor changes its colour from blue to brown as blood sugar rises.

The development of this ink will make life so much easier for those struggling with diabetes, they will no longer depend on pin-prick blood tests to check the sugar levels. 

“It could be used for applications in continuously monitoring such as medical diagnostics, quantified self, and data encoding in the body.”

For someone who has a health condition that requires careful dietary monitoring, or even if you’re just a data nerd and like the idea of tracking bodily changes with a cool-looking tattoo, it’s an alluring concept.

“People with diabetes email us and say, ‘I want to try it out,'” one of the team, Xin Liu from MIT told CBS News.

The project is far away from being available anytime soon, right now the team are at the proof-of-concept stage. Further testing will have to be done to test for adverse effects the ink could have on humans. 

DermalAbyss: Possibilities of Biosensors as a Tattooed Interface from Fluid Interfaces on Vimeo.


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