Phone Scammers Call A Programmer, He Ends Their Careers.

We’ve all had phone scammers try steal our hard earned money, but most of us are privy to their tricks and usually hang up on them or just troll them by wasting their time. 

However, scammers tried to mess with a wrong guy and instead of just hanging up on them, this programmer decided to end their operation.

The programmer and Redditor known by his moniker YesItWasDataMined specializes in scam prevention and runs a scam prevention operation called Project Mayhem. 

Project Mayhem, received a voicemail from someone claiming to be an IRS employee. When he called them back and was asked to pay a massive fine for unclear reasons, he knew something was amiss. 

Being the genius he is, he wrote a script which called the scammers 28 times per second with a automated voicemail, this tied up their lines making it impossible for them to attempt to reach other potential victims. 

The IRS estimates that over 10 thousand victims have been affected since 2013, collectively being defrauded of more than 54 million dollars.

Project Mayhem has a YouTube channel where you an see the hilarious video. And remember remain vigilant when giving out your private information.

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