PornHub Now Has Videos That Are Synchronized With Sex Toys

If the movie Don Jon taught me anything, it’s that people are willing to go to the extreme just to get their fix of porn. This includes finding the perfect clip and timing themselves with the on-screen action. Luckily for such people, four years after the movies premiere, PornHub have done just that. 

There will be a new category on the websites that contains videos which can be synced to toys. Depending on whats happening in the video toys will simulate the action with pulses – removing the hands on experience many are used to. 

This is all possible because PornHub has teamed up with adult sex-toys manufacturers Fleshlight and Kiiroo. The new feature will work with Fleshlight’s new toy, which well resemble a wine cooler more than it does an instrument of pleasure. 



Whilst interactive porn is not a new phenomenon, we have seen virtual reality headsets be used to make the porn watching experience more immersive. However, this new move from PornHub will allow user to automate the process. 


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