What Is Wrong With Society In 6 Pictures.

 Something To Think About.

These drawings by Al Margen capture what is wrong with society, from our fascination with technology to the damaging recreational activities we take part in.

1. This particular drawing, speaks on our excessive sharing on social media, with one you can invite the eyes of the world into your personal life. 

2. Many believe the current educational system we have in place is ridding us of great  minds. Our brilliance is being taken and replaced with a subservient mindset where we pay thousands to attend higher education institutions, then we have to work to pay back the state for turning us into mindless robots. 

3. Smoking is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this, but I believe this is a commentary on number of things we do as a society that are bad for us. Fast food, excessive intake of Caffeine, alcohol are just a few things that come to mind. 

4. Our fascination with achieving the perfect figures and bodies has let to many in society resorting to extreme measure to attain the physiques we see in the media. This includes men using steroids and women getting bum injections, we all purposefully damaging our bodies for things so silly as Instagram likes.

5. We are pretty sure Margen was thinking of SJW’s when drew this, those in society who seem to care about things whether it be the environment, animals or poverty. However, such people only care on social media, yet in reality are just part of the problem. But they will make you think otherwise based on their Facebook timeline where they share PETA’s latest posts.

6. We will let you work this one out. 1

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