World’s Largest Floating Solar Plant Is Finally Online

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In a week where President Trump   announced the US may pull out of  the Paris Climate Change agreement, China is a beacon hope for all who care about the future of the earth. 

The world’s largest floating solar power plant is now online in China. It has been built by Sungrow, a supplier of PV inverter systems, the 40MW plant is now afloat in water 4 to 10 metres deep, and successfully linked to Huainan, China’s grid.

The location was chosen because the area was once  a mining haven, however, the water in the area is now mineralised and useless. 

In fact, the lake itself was formed because the mining operation that took place, had a toll on the surrounding environment. After mining ceased the surrounding land collapsed and created a cavity that filled up with rainwater.

Floating solar panels have huge benefits, they put unused land and water to great use. The  water also naturally cools the system and the ambient temperatures, improving generation and limiting long-term damage from heat.

In a country such as China, floating solar panels are so beneficial because they limit the land that is used. China has over 100 cities, which each have a population of more than one million each.

China has come along way,  it was once and to some extent still is one of the worst offenders worldwide in the realm of carbon emissions and climate change.

Now, it has become a world leader in renewable energy and is leading the way to greener  and more sustainable methods of obtaining energy. 

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  1. Take out the bias in your article per the following: ‘beacon hope for all who care about the future of the earth’

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