50 Cent Says Jay-Z’s New Album Is ‘Golf Course Music’.

50 Cent is known for being outspoken on social media, in fact he can attribute his bankruptcy partly to his activity on social media. 

Whilst most rap fans pour over the album and the gems Jay-Z drops, 50 Cent has a more straightforward assessment. 

On his Instagram, 50 Cent posted a video in which he gave his review of the album.

I listened to Jay’s new shit, 4:44. I thought this shit was alright.

“The shit was too smart. I felt I should be wearing glasses and tie, like a fucking sweater around my waist or something. It was like Ivy league shit.”

“They don’t wanna hear that shit – they just wanna have a good time. Fuck that you cant be the best rapper at 47, because the new boys are coming through.

“I ain’t gonna hold you up B – that shit was like golf course music.”

We really don’t understand 50 Cent’s negative reaction to the album, Snoop Dogg on his YouTube show GGN made fun of modern rappers such as Migos during an interview with 50. Yet all of the sudden they are all for ‘mumble rap’. Snoop Dogg even recently made an appearance on Young Thug’s album. 

You’d think 50 Cent would welcome conscious rap from one of the most successful person in music and business.

The biggest surprise in this story is not 50 Cent being outspoken on social media, we are surprised he could afford Tidal with aforementioned bankruptcy.

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