Artist Sculpts Knife Angel Out Of 100,000 Weapons.

There is now a giant 26-foot-tall Knife Angel sculpture in the UK, built entirely out of 100,00 donated knives. 

However, it’s not the impressive statistics that are important, it’s also a monument that highlights, how knife crime is plaguing London, and it is a reminder of all the victims of knife crime in the United Kingdom.

Some of the knives the sculptor included in the sculpture have been used in knife crime attacks.  

Alfie Bradley took on this project, and it took him two years designing and building the sculpture. Unfortunately Her Majesty’s government did not support the project, as they thought it would paint Britain in a bad light. 

Alfie is now working to get the sculpture an exhibition in Trafalgar Square, you can help Alfie out on his goal by signing his petition. 


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  1. The name is Alfie Bradley, not Radley

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