Things You Can Say During Sex And At A Funeral.

Things You Can Say During Sex And At A Funeral.

Last week you loved our article on Things You Can Say At The Dinner Table And During Sex

This week we are back with an even more entertaining premise, things you can say during sex and at a funeral. 

We will start off slow…

“I know she touched everyone in this room”

Some guys are just two-stroke masters…


“It was the second stroke that did it…”

However, some guys aren’t…

“Strange- I thought he’d last longer than his father”

Daddy is always eavesdropping…

“I bet your dad’s watching us with a big smile on his face”

Who said this the man or the woman?

“I’m sorry, were you close?”

Hopefully she was over eighteen…

“She was so young.”

So many questions…

“Your mom looks so peaceful lying there.”

Sometimes sex is just that good!

“It’s ok to cry”

Exhibitionists are out of control…

“I’m glad your family was able to be here.”

I don’t know how to explain this one?!

“I wish you hadn’t brought the children. How are we supposed to explain this?”

If this article has offended you…

“I’m sorry for what’s happened.”

This will definitely  offend someone…

“I wish she wasn’t dead.”


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