5 Penthouses We Would Love To Own.

Penthouse are mostly known for being the playhouses for the rich and famous, when you are away from your mansion you need somewhere else to rest your head right? From butler, bespoke furnishings, dizzying heights, when it comes to penthouses less certainly isn’t more. Instead of wallowing in self-pity this Thursday afternoon, we have decided to make you this list of luxurious penthouse that with enough hard-work you could own as well. 

The Faena House penthouse, Miami

The beaches and nightlife of Miami are enough to make sure you only see your hotel room for a couple of hours of sleep before immersing yourself into the culture again. But this penthouse may just be good enough to make you never want to leave.  The ultra-luxe building has a host of amenities such as a fitness centre, an in-house spa and an around the clock doorman service, but there is also a private club and your very own 70 foot long rooftop pool which means you could throw a spectacular party on your doorstep. 

At 12,516 square foot and with 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, none of your guests will have to share a room, unless they want to. 

432 Park Avenue, New York

Unless you are a character on a sitcom about 5 friends, apartments in New York are not cheap, therefore penthouse will definitely break the bank. And this $95 million, 30,000 square foot penthouse does just that.  For this mind-boggling price tag you get to tower over the big apple, the property sits at 1,396 feet above New York City. The property features everything from 10 foot windows, access to a special climate controlled wine cellar.

The Heron, London

This gem in the heart of London boasts a landscaped garden terrace and state-of-the-art cinema room, you will never be bored at home here and you won’t be short of space either. But the pièce de résistance is the master bedroom with triple aspect view windows which give you a better view of London than the London eye. Even better you get all this for a cool $15 million. 

The Hollywood Hills View penthouse suite, Los Angeles

Lets face it when you think of L.A you automatically think of the glamour of Hollywood, and this penthouse in the Hollywood Hills backs up your stereotypes. This penthouse suite is available to rent at L.A’s The Line Hotel for around $500, proving the penthouse experience isn’t so far out of reach.  For $500 you get floor to ceiling windows allowing a view of the Hollywood Hills, and quirky interior design. 

The penthouse at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

Ask yourself, how much do you love reading? A lot? Then this penthouse suite is perfect for you, just as long as you have $18,000 to spend a night. The $18,000 nightly rent fee buys you a 2-floor circular library, a billiards room completely decorated in Persian tiles, and even a grand piano. The space also contains three bedrooms, but when you are paying that much for a library , books are your friends so those rooms will be empty. 



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