Life Changing Revelations Made On ‘Showerthoughts’ Subreddit.

Reddit, also known as the home page of the internet is also home one of the funniest and most introspective places on the internet. No other subreddit can match ‘Showerthoughts’ in ground breaking revelations about the mundane things in society. It has been said that most of the worlds greatest inventions all started with a thought in the shower. 

We have compiled what we think are the greatest revelations made on this thread.

‘There’s probably some women out there whose children secretly belong to the wrong man and are freaking out about the fact that people are taking DNA tests for fun.’

‘If the Queen ever sent her current knights into battle, all those celebrity singers would likely be slaughtered.’

‘It’s strange that there is a setting on your toaster to completely burn the bread.’

‘Unless you’re doing laundry naked you’ll never be caught up.’

‘Whales ejaculate 40 gallons but only 10% enters the female. Is this why the sea is salty?’

‘Why would a graveyard be haunted? If you were a ghost, wouldn’t you want to get out of there?’

‘Bad spellers have the best passwords.’

‘Every mirror is sold used.’

‘Imagine dosing the communion wafers with LSD at church.’

‘The best evidence that lucky charms don’t work is that casinos let you walk in the door with them.’

‘If Star Wars actually happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away we would just now be observing it.’

‘Is the “S” or “C” in scent pronounced silently?’

‘You can’t tickle yourself, but you can make yourself orgasm. That just seems odd.’

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