Singapore Airline’s New A380 First Class Is A Hotel Room In The Sky.

If we showed you pictures of Singapore Airline’s new first class suites with no context, you wouldn’t be a fool if you thought you were looking at a hotel room. 

To get to the suites, you have gone up grand stairs (don’t forget you are still on a plane). Once you get to your suite, you can close the sliding doors for privacy, you aren’t paying top dollar to be social after all.  Each suite comes with a bed a chair and if you have a lady friend with you, you have the option of combining two beds to make a double. Now we know why the sliding door is there!

These first-class suites don’t come with access to a shower, but the bathrooms are double in size. All Singapore-owned A380s are expected to have the new cabins by the end of 2020. 

Check out what to expect below: 

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