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Sneaker of the Week: Prada Cloudburst

Throughout 2017, fashion brands small or big were all vying to get crowned best ugly sneaker maker.  This was the year of large soles. I was the year of wild colour combination and writing nonsensical political slogans onto the soles of your ugly trainers because in 2017 you have to let everyone know you hate Trump. 

This year was also the year the ‘snocker’ took over, on one side there are groups of people who opt for bulky large shoes and on the other end of the spectrum were slim, fabric sneakers. Italian label Prada has tapped into this design with their new Cloudburst sneakers which combine the futuristic sneaker look with your favourite Velcro childhood kicks. 

This modern running style from the Milanese brand is destined to be 2018’s first “it” designer sneaker.

Throughout 2017 designers big and small seemed all to be competing for the crown of “ugliest sneaker of the year that’s also, inexplicably, cool.” It was the year of giant soles. It was a year for wild color combinations we haven’t seen since the more-is-more mid-aughts. It was also the year the snocker took over. So what’s next? Well legendary Italian label Prada has an idea in the form of its new Cloudburst sneakers. They’re unconventional in every (or the most Prada) way, the combination of a futuristic-looking runner and your favorite childhood kicks. They’re also 2018’s first “it” designer sneaker.

Prada’s spring 2018 menswear collection has been built around the interplay of virtual reality and actual reality.  This new Cloudburst silhouette fits that description perfectly, by taking the silhouette of what is considered a running shoe and adding leather panels for the luxurious touch, don’t forget the well placed Prada log and the splash of colour on the soles. 

A$AP Rocky has been recently spotted rocking these sneaker, so they are sure to be a hit in 2018.

$695, buy now at Prada.

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