Freshman Emails Every Claudia On Campus After Tinder Mistake.

Here at The New Gentleman, we believe that Tinder will lead to the death of the gentleman. Why learn how to talk to women when you can just send them GIF’s.

A Missouri State University student was adamant that he would not let a wrong swipe of the finger let him lose the ‘one’. 

The freshman meant to swipe right on the woman’s Tinder profile — a sign that he wanted to meet her. Instead he swiped left, rejecting her. We are guessing he may have been left-handed, instinct kicked in and ruined his destiny. But unlike most people who accidentally swipe left, the freshman took action.

Armed only with her name and a joke that was in her bio he began emailing the 22 Claudias on campus, offering to take the one that got away out for doughnuts.

When freshman Claudia Alley got the email, she knew it was about her because it referenced a joke in her bio on the app. She told the Springfield News-Leader she’s agreed to the doughnut date. 

You can’t fault this guys tenacity, in fact, Missouri’s Police Department better recruit him as a detective. he could be the creepy US Sherlock Holmes. 

Information from: Springfield News-Leader, http://www.news-leader.com

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